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Your Pictures

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May 12th 2006#172743 Report
Member since: May 12th 2006
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Tonight I finally completed the whole editing process I was inflicting to my 173GB of music. Everything is renamed, classified and organised by artist, then album, then music.
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My next plan is to classify my pictures. I still dont have a good classifying method where i could get acces to them easily. I type a lot so changing all those DSC00000.jpg wont be a prob.

my way of doing so so far is renaming everypic in one folder like

mardigras (01).jpg
mardigras (02).jpg
mardigras (03).jpg
mardigras (04).jpg and so on then after the number i add special description like

mardigras (01) sakgenla.jpg
mardigras (02) kissing my mom marsy.jpg
mardigras (03) flying my plane.jpg
mardigras (04) sebastien a_girl woot marsha.jpg

So far this is what i have as method, because unlike ID3 tags pictures have EXIF but its a whole other worls and most software dpont know exif.

SO far my method is working, because either in iPhoto, Picasa, or just searching it will let me find exactly what i need.

ANybody know any better method before i edit my 7,105 pictures

screen shots in next post to help understand
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May 12th 2006#172744 Report
Member since: May 12th 2006
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My music folder classification by artist

My music folder artist view then album

My picture folder work in progress, unless ya'll got something better
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May 12th 2006#172748 Report
Member since: Mar 18th 2001
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Why not just use the comments/keywords functionality in iPhoto or Aperture to organize your images? They would still be searchable, you could make smart albums based on certain criteria, etc.
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