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Hotmail Forwarder - Mac

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Feb 5th 2004#140888 Report
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Is there a free program out there that anyone knows of that I can use to have my Hotmail messages moved over to my POP email account? I found this:

But I am cheap and don't want to pay...I use the Mail program that comes with the iBook. I don't want to get Eudora or anything again. I use this at work and I like it. I'm not a big email guy. But I would like to elimante checking my Hotmail regularily.
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Apr 25th 2009#197395 Report
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It's time to get excited for Spring! With new designs coming out of the Studio and into our Victoria and Vancouver stores, Glenda, our resident Lily photographer (and Vancouver manager) went over to the Regional Assembly of Text with Margaret to take some pictures. Just down the street from our Vancouver store, the Regional Assembly of Text is an amazing vintage stationary shop founded by Brandy Fedoruk and Rebecca Ann Dolen. Check out the beginning of Spring 2009...

Hotmail ComHotmail Com
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