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A slightly different kind of rip. Everyone, please read.

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Jul 11th 2002#57993 Report
Member since: Mar 27th 2001
Posts: 2237

Without my consent a company I use to work for has decided to use one of my designs for thier newly designed website. When I still worked there I was asked if I would design the website. It was known that I did freelance web design from home. I played around with a couple designs (AT HOME ON MY OWN TIME AS IF HE WERE A CLIENT BECAUSE I ASSUMED HE WAS) and showed them to the owner(my only superior) he really liked this one. My mistake was leaving a zip disk with the working website minus the content when I left. They don't have the PSD's only the demo I carried to show the owner. Anyhow we parted ways and I told him he could purchase the design from me. He has decided he could just use it and not pay me for it. I may be a little bitter but I have virtually "carried" this company for about 10 years now and "thought" I had a relationship with this individual.

Just look at the cheesy ass content text, it's almost as big as the damn logo (of course I had nothing to do with that content other than writing the copy a while back on HIS time).

They are promoting "web development" and using my graphics to do it. Feel free to send them an email (or a hundred) asking them to either take down my graphics and redesign the site or PAY ME FOR MY WORK. There are 5 email addresses available on the index page of the site .... HAVE A BLAST!

They have employees with a combined 15 years in web site development, so they SHOULD be able to redesign the site right? Well I know the all of the employees in question, one of them may even be a silent member here and that 15 years experience is BULLSH*T at best. They haven't even got a clue how to change the size of the drop down menus so the tables all match up, ORRRR how to edit the CSS I set up for the pages. I am the only person they have EVER had employed with the experience they are speaking of and it shows. THEY ARE STEALING MY DESIGN.

If you all would be so kind.... send them a few emails.

Thanks, Chris
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Jul 11th 2002#57996 Report
Member since: May 21st 2002
Posts: 537
man. that sucks. I hate their company now.
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Jul 11th 2002#57998 Report
Member since: Apr 23rd 2002
Posts: 312
thats ghey....
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Jul 11th 2002#58005 Report
Member since: May 27th 2002
Posts: 627
sounds like their lack of ability has caused you some trouble, appears they do need you =]
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Jul 11th 2002#58051 Report
Member since: Jun 21st 2001
Posts: 85
they even have a (c) on the Frontpage
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Jul 12th 2002#58094 Report
Member since: Jun 16th 2002
Posts: 1391
did anyone else notice that all the people are girls?
i sent some emails for ya
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Jul 18th 2002#59561 Report
Member since: Jul 18th 2002
Posts: 5
A little Spamming programm that sends the email as many times as i want.......1....2.....3....4...5...6.....7.........786.......hmmm...might crash the mailing server ;) 6 emails should do the trick however, i do doubt that much is going to happen
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Aug 4th 2002#62958 Report
Member since: Jun 5th 2001
Posts: 150
Whenver I show any companies or anyone layouts/logos etc I come up with I ALWAYSE put MY copyright on it until the cash is forwarded, and a recipt is printed. Uf u did that, u could prove that u made the site first (by the creation daTE BEING A LOT EARLIER THAN THE SITE WAS POSTED), and they have no recipt.

Id'e prob take 'em to court over it!

Thats a cunch of crap. Not only did they strait jack your art and time, they sold it too!
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Aug 31st 2002#67077 Report
Member since: Aug 31st 2002
Posts: 45
I definitely empathisize with you, you can tell pretty easy they didn't make it, their content looks so cheezy. If you wanted to take them to court, I think you would have to have some sort of documented proof that you worked on it at home (100%), and not at work. I sent them a few emails on your behalf, expressing my discouragment of their tactics, I hope it helps.
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Sep 10th 2002#68455 Report
Member since: Sep 10th 2002
Posts: 5
I've heard this type of story all too often. This is why freelance is best when you set everything up ahead of time. Before you work, arrange on a preset price, and put some stuff in writing
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