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I know i've seen this somewhere

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Nov 20th 2004#163002 Report
Member since: May 31st 2004
Posts: 1
There was recently a contest for a private, legal server for an online game, and some loading screens were submitted, this one won:

alleged rip

From the image, (I modified it for security reasons) the background is complex, but the image of the woman was clearly crudely pasted onto it.

If someone who can make that background can't paste an image or modify it properly, I suspect that it may be ripped. I need someone's help with it though, anything would be appreciated.
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Dec 6th 2004#163571 Report
Member since: Jul 15th 2001
Posts: 2019
what's so crude about it? i admit that little portion in the bottom left, but the rest doesn't seem pixely, jagged, distorted in anyway....

maybe you should be a happy black mage ...
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Dec 29th 2004#164269 Report
Member since: Dec 29th 2004
Posts: 4
looks like a huge rip to me, ive seen alot of anime related sites look like that.
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