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Web Portal

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Mar 27th 2005#166992 Report
Member since: Jun 27th 2001
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I'm not sure of any of you might know the answer to this, but I'm looking into creating a web portal. Anyone know where to start and what software I'd have to purchase?

Any comments would be great!
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Mar 29th 2005#167063 Report
Member since: Apr 1st 2002
Posts: 1487
Well depending on what scripting language you want to use, you'd first have to get to learn the language, and if you want to test the page on your local machine, set up a web server such as Apache or IIS. I recommend Apache.

There are tons of different languages you could use but I'd recommend PHP, ASP or JSP as they are probably the most supported, and easiest to use and learn as well as being very versatile.

As I am rather fluent in PHP, my recommendations are to refer to if you get stuck, and the book that I bought that really got me to learn PHP more and I feel is a very informational book is located: here . It's not the exact book I got, however the exact book I bought was for PHP 4, by the same publishing company and same authors. It should be a very good source to start learning.
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