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Know of a site like this? Any good sources?

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Feb 17th 2005#165843 Report
Member since: Feb 16th 2005
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A friend and I were cruising around the net looking for animated menus for anything that would spark some ideas. We want to do a salvage yard kinda look with a screen thats been ripped out of its frame, bare wires, flickering LEDs, damaged, scraped, stained, rusted, and dented metal. When you drag your mouse over a button, we want to animate some gears that push out a tray with a gear track on them, that has options listed on it. When you drag your mouse over the options, they light up like car radio screen. We have the skills for modeling and textures, but are having trouble with how it should be laid out, you know like the placement of the buttons. If I could find some sites with buttons anywhere near to what Im talking about, I could get some of my own ideas. Anyone seen sites with menus like this?

Also, would any of you know of some tutorials, souces, or web site making programs that would be good for this particular project? I have all the essentials like Photoshop, etc. I probably wont be doing the flash part my self, Im mostly 3D modeling and textures. Someone else will probably do it. So any advice on where I could send that person looking for tools to help them would be a really big help.

Thanks in advance! ;)
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Feb 18th 2005#165919 Report
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Wow... this place is really dead.
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Feb 18th 2005#165928 Report
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Hmm..would you like every person that reads this that can't answer your question or offer good advice to reply and say they don't know?
I don't know off the top of my head a site like that, but just use a search engine to find the tutorials you need...
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Feb 20th 2005#165958 Report
Member since: Dec 17th 2004
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what do you mean by tools? your description was way too vague, but when i first read your post i thought of this:

it's got kind of the style that you described, the old grunge look to it.

also.. why did you post this in the client side code forum?
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