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php questions

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Oct 5th 2004#161111 Report
Member since: Mar 18th 2001
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Ok, some of you may remember the script I wrote a while back that queries a directory and returns the full filename as a link which you can click on and then view/listen to the file.

well, I now have another issue that I need to work out to incorporate a feature into the script.

I need to be able to read a string of text from the file name and print it out into a table cell next to the filename.

basically, works like this.

filename is: (im making this up. this is not the actual filename, but it represents what the filename looks like. all files are named in this convention.)


Now, the string of text I need to read out is 'JIMBOB77'. The issue is, that not every filename starts with JIMBOB77. Some may start with BETTYSUE99. So. Is there anywhere I can read out the string of text from the filename up to but not including the underscore '_'? At which point, I will print that string out in a table cell next to the actual filename.
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Oct 5th 2004#161112 Report
Member since: Mar 18th 2001
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I assume it would be something having to do with regular expressions, but they confuse the hell out of me.
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Oct 5th 2004#161121 Report
Member since: Apr 20th 2002
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Given that the file name is contained in a string $string:
[PHP]/* hot secks */
$array = explode("_", $string);
$filename = $array[0];
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