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Aug 28th 2004#159180 Report
Member since: Aug 9th 2001
Posts: 2333
I just found out that my crappy hosting company only gave me one database, which is being used for my shoutbox. I want to set up a test forum which requires a database. Is it possible to just use the shoutbox one for both the shotbox and the forum? Or is that just silly?
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Aug 28th 2004#159182 Report
Member since: Apr 5th 2001
Posts: 2544
That is possible... you could add the tables to the shoutbox database.
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Aug 28th 2004#159186 Report
Member since: Sep 29th 2003
Posts: 1496
If you wanna set up a forum, just IM me... I can set you up an account on my hosting for you to work with.
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Aug 28th 2004#159190 Report
Member since: Nov 26th 2001
Posts: 2586
You can use the same database.
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