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Jul 25th 2004#156431 Report
Member since: Jun 19th 2004
Posts: 46
Im not sure if this goes in this section but whatever.

I am woundering how do thoes pictures that say "Your IP address is ********. You are using ******. On a ******* computer."
Thoes type of pictures that are differnt for every computer.
Do any of you know how they work and apply it some where else?
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Jul 26th 2004#156519 Report
Member since: May 14th 2004
Posts: 40
Not really a picture as such, but this tool might give you a starting idea

Does generate a bitmap, and is fully configurable
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Jul 28th 2004#156685 Report
Member since: Jun 19th 2004
Posts: 46
hummm, not exactly what I was looking for.
Thanks for the thought though.
It is kind of hard to explain so ill just go for the main thing.
I want to be able to make it so that I have a sig on another forum that when I make a post shows one pic on someone com, and a different pic on someone elses com on the same post.
Is this possible?
If so how to do this?
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Jul 28th 2004#156689 Report
Member since: Apr 20th 2002
Posts: 3000
In your first post, that image is generated using (most likely) PHP using its image editing power. IP addresses, hostmasks, browsers, and operating systems are easily picked up using a few lines of PHP code, and all you need to do is use a few functions, like imagettftext(), and it'll spit out the modified image using a previously specified image resource.

Now rephrase your second post.
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Jul 28th 2004#156700 Report
Member since: Jun 19th 2004
Posts: 46
Ok, one more time, lets see if I can get it this time :p

Say I make a post, and the sig pic that I have changes for other computers.
Like in the same post I made !mo0chan! sees
as my sig pic, and crazy_camel sees
as my sig pic.
Does that help :confused:
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Jul 29th 2004#156821 Report
Member since: Feb 20th 2004
Posts: 187
Wow, I think that would be incredibly annoying. I can only imagine it would have to be done with some kind of Java script that would randomly chose a pic and associate it with someone's IP and possibly send a cookie to retain those settings. Good luck figuring it out, I can't help ya. Sorry.
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Jul 29th 2004#156835 Report
Member since: Mar 18th 2001
Posts: 6632
So you just want the pictures to be random? There are lots of random image scripts out there that you could use. Search for a random image rotation script or something. Or you could put it in an iFrame, and load those pages randomly. But if you want it to persistently be a certain way for a certain person, that's much more difficult.
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Jul 29th 2004#156842 Report
Member since: Jun 19th 2004
Posts: 46
Thanks deker, ill use that.
Crypto, I was going to use it on another forums, so you dont have to worry.
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Jul 29th 2004#156854 Report
Member since: Apr 20th 2002
Posts: 3000
With a short little PHP script it's easy. Depending on what the criteria are, you can have it run through a set of IF statements and echo the appropriate image, like for example:


if (some condition) {
echo "\"\"";
} else if (some other condition) {
echo "\"\"";
} else {
echo "\"\"";

This is saved in a seperate PHP file on your server, and you would put an iframe linked to that file as your signature.

And remember, those criteria have to be accesible using PHP code, like IP addresses, operating systems, browser or even time.
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