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Another new member saying hello

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Mar 13th 2008#179363 Report
Member since: Mar 12th 2008
Posts: 5
hi guys!
i'm a new member at this forum, and am just saying hi to all of you

i am also a beginner with Photoshop, but i am not a beginner when it comes to graphical design.
i have been using The GIMP for a long while before using Photoshop, and i have gotten quite good with it [The GIMP]

The GIMP is a free product, which is also based on making graphical art. I like it a lot, but when i found out that everything is so much easier and faster with PS, i decided to move on to PS.

Oh, before i forget: my [nick]name is Coreper
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Mar 25th 2008#179428 Report
Member since: Mar 24th 2008
Posts: 2
Hi! welcome.
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