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My First "Render" Signature

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Jul 25th 2006#174033 Report
Member since: Jul 25th 2006
Posts: 1
First time i used a render in a signature:P Please rate it First post yay

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Jul 29th 2006#174079 Report
Member since: May 15th 2003
Posts: 27
Hey how you doing, from 1-5 ill give it a 4, i just dont htink the shadowed versions of the text are neccessary ;)
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Aug 1st 2006#174136 Report
Member since: Jul 28th 2006
Posts: 11
Good one. But the colours are very dark
(both red and blue)
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Aug 1st 2006#174149 Report
Member since: Aug 1st 2006
Posts: 8
blended nicely.
but the marvel text clashes with the border, it shud be below of above
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Aug 23rd 2006#174356 Report
Member since: Aug 23rd 2006
Posts: 8
very nice...only thing i would say to work on is the text
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Nov 27th 2007#178686 Report
Member since: Nov 27th 2007
Posts: 20
Nice work but I think it would look better if you just used one type of text on it. Looks too crowded. Otherwise its good though!
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