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Wacom Tablet

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Aug 19th 2007#177972 Report
Member since: Aug 17th 2007
Posts: 3
Hey i just got a Wacom tablet and i was wondering if anyone out there knows if there are any plugins or anything i can get for it? i just want to know if theres any more software or anything for it i need besides the default stuff that came with it, mabey an alternative with more configuration options?
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Sep 3rd 2007#178085 Report
Member since: Jul 12th 2007
Posts: 8
there are two rather old, but very good plugins to use a grafics tablet
in photoshop (or any other grafics program that handles PSP pluggies,
like paintshop)
the one i like most is "propeller paint engine". i don't know if this one is
still available or was developed further, i use a version from 1999 or
2000, dunno... it is a nice tool for writing calligraphic style or paint as
you would with acrylic / oil on a real canvas.

then of course corel stuff like xara give nice results when a tablet is used
instead of a mouse. if you run linux and get it working, then there even is
a free xara version!

if you need more info on the psp pluggies drop me a pm... ;-)
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