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Smooth skin - but How?? Check please

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Jan 18th 2007#175954 Report
Member since: Jul 15th 2001
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other than what's already been said, Biotherm has some wonderful lines.
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Jan 18th 2007#175966 Report
Member since: May 23rd 2006
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Erm... it's the lines we want to get rid of!
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Jan 23rd 2007#176011 Report
Member since: Jan 23rd 2007
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ans_art7 said:Hello!

Imagine, I succeed to make contact with him by e-mail, and he told me everything.
He uses only stamp tool, with 30% opacity and it is a little hard, but with this tool, we can reach the result. Also he sent me a little tutorial, it is in russian, but with google translation it is quite understandable.

Here it is, maybe you should check this out and tell about some words, and you can help me to understand clearly.

What do you think?

i can not translate the languange, still in Russian
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Jan 23rd 2007#176014 Report
Member since: Jan 15th 2007
Posts: 6
Hello, with google translate we can fit to english it.
Select all and copy-paste into the translater, setting itt to "Russian to English".

So, when you 've done, read it please, and let's talk about it, right?
I'm courios what do you think all about, the technique, the idea, everything.

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Apr 15th 2007#176774 Report
Member since: Apr 14th 2007
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I this a while back. The guy who wrote the tutorial calls the Christian Dior look
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