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Scaling down image without loosing quality

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Nov 28th 2008#181480 Report
Member since: Nov 28th 2008
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Hi guys, this is driving me nuts.

I am doing a portfolio. I have a drawing of 30x30 in that i'd like to scale down to 8x8 without loosing quality. I've tried every single possibilities and solutions found on the forum.
The only success I had, was when scaling down proportionally increased the dpi of the file (to approc 1000dpi). Only problem, the page i need to import the doc in is 300dpi. You get the problem, when importing the 1000 dpi, the image is super big, i scale it down again...and loose lots of quality-

Thank you for your help!!!!
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Dec 31st 2008#187883 Report
Member since: Dec 31st 2008
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Hey man
i have a solution but iam not sure it will work as u want but try it....
first make a copy of your work of the PSD file on your disk and then open the copy and merg all the layers and change them into smart object then resize the pic and save it ...... if u have any problems just PM me and i will help u
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