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Facebook anyone??

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Jul 21st 2008#180494 Report
Member since: Jul 21st 2008
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Ok so after reading the Myspace thread I jumped on the bandwagon and became totally obsessed with it - now that the Myspace obsession has died down, I've become hooked on Facebook!! I love it! I think it's so much better then Myspace and Hi5 and all those other 10 million sites that exist . . . At first I wasn't too keen but my friend made my profile for me . . . I was told "it's at a 'university' level and doesn't have any bogans or teeny boppers" I guess what she meant was that it's a bit more "mature" then the other sites . . . Ok it's hard to explain! But i'm totally hooked on it now and it's really not helping with all this uni work that I have to get done!!
Does anyone else use Facebook??
welcome to my website, .
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Aug 17th 2008#180721 Report
Member since: Aug 17th 2008
Posts: 4
I have a facebook! Add me I'm Aaron Glass from NJ.
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Aug 29th 2008#180813 Report
Member since: May 16th 2008
Posts: 22
I had a facebook but I'm not active with it I still like friendster :D
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