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I need help with recreating this effect PLEASE!!!

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Jun 21st 2008#180122 Report
Member since: Jun 21st 2008
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I am trying to offset a photo to where it is at an angle and 3D.

Here is an example of what I am talking about.

Please help because my client really wants this on their site and I am desperate.

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Aug 17th 2008#180720 Report
Member since: Aug 17th 2008
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I'm new here but I think I can help. Here's how to do it with a transparent background...

Take your desktop/application screenshot, and go to Image>Adjustments>Perspective and drag one of the two dots on the right/left down or up to add perspective. Hit ok. You now have your "3d" window.

For the reflection...

Just duplicate that layer, hit Ctrl+T to transform, and rotate it so it's upside down, now, you'll notice that the sides are opposte, just drag one of the sides to the other (the middle dot/square on one of the sides) and set it equal. (It's hard to explain.)

Now, edit your duplicated layers opacity to 60-70 percent or so, and you'll have a reflection. If you want the reflection to fade, add a layer mask to that layer, making your brush's hardness level at 0, and just wipeout the lowest part of the reflection.

Hope it helped!!!

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