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Easy colouring for images

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Jun 10th 2008#179923 Report
Member since: Jun 22nd 2007
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Hello everyone!

My newest interest is web design - of course. I do love Photoshop but there are lots of things to learn with the program. Hopefully I get some advice in this forum also.

Then my question. I have coloured this house:

I'm not content with my work - this is not good enough!
The designer who has done my work before can do something like this:

It's better than mine!

This is also good, oh my.

The lines are stronger than mine, colours are good etc. Yes, he designed everything with Freehand. I suppose I can do quality work without Freehand. The problem is in my skills - not in Photoshop.
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Sep 15th 2008#180948 Report
Member since: May 16th 2008
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You can try using strong colors, your work is great I think the difference is just its color and you can also add more details. ;)
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