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Let's make some grass to go with that dirt.

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Oct 28th 2005#171095 Report
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Techniques: Making some grass like surfaces1.
Start out by making a new 400x400 image. Using your color swatch use two earth tones. I have marked the two colors
I used with arrows. Use the dark color as your background color and the lighter for your foreground color. 2.
Go to filter/Render/Clouds. Next go to filter/texture/craquelure and use the setting of Crack Spacing=2 Crack Depth=0
Crack Brightness=0. Repeat this step one more time. 3.
Now duplicate this layer by dragging it into the create new layer boxand on the new layer run the filter/Brush Strokes/Spatter with the settings of Spray Radius=25 Smoothness=1. Now click on your magic wand tool and in the magic wand opti...
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Nov 15th 2007#178598 Report
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I just recently joined Team Photoshop and was interested in your "making grass" tutorial but can't read it passed the magic wand selection. How can I get the last part.

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Apr 21st 2008#179562 Report
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hi there...i have the same problem here...could you please post the rest of the tutorial?

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