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Pixel Pattern Battle - kranestyle, lazyroll, robin hood, gecko, moochan, etc....

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Feb 18th 2004#142698 Report
Member since: Mar 18th 2001
Posts: 6632
Make a tiling pattern. Make it a pixel pattern, no filters or other stuff.

Your final submission should show the individual pattern tile, as well as a larger section showing it tiled (300px x 300px, if that is enough space to show the pattern tiling)

You can use any colors, etc.

You have 10 minutes to finish it.

Just kidding... 2 days...

All submissions should be in by the night of 02-20-04. If it isn't, you are the loser! And we will all point and laugh at you!

If you don't know what a pixel pattern is, (why are you in this competition?) there are some great examples at and
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Feb 18th 2004#142722 Report
Member since: Oct 16th 2003
Posts: 717

hey, can't this be an ongoing thing instead of it being 2 days? that way we can have more patterns in.
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Feb 19th 2004#142742 Report
Member since: Apr 20th 2002
Posts: 3000
Then people would have trouble voting for people in the end if there's like 3 or more entries per person.

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Feb 19th 2004#142769 Report
Member since: Jan 6th 2004
Posts: 250

**EEEEh sillly o' me... thanks krane...they were jpg's.hehe**
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Feb 19th 2004#142792 Report
Member since: Jul 19th 2003
Posts: 810

I think that we should just keep it as us lot ..... maybe we can all (the whole forum,) do a collab later ....
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Feb 19th 2004#142799 Report
Member since: Jul 12th 2002
Posts: 28

A quick 5 second job. Some nice patters I c =P
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