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Christmas Challenge

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Dec 30th 2003#135449 Report
Member since: Sep 6th 2001
Posts: 3893
Alright... here you guys go.

Im not really sure who all is in this challenge so as of right now all entries are closed and those who posted in the thread are in except for the 2 new comers, sorry guys/gals rules are rules :P

Members in battle:
PaavoPerkele, Michaelp, kaliman, Malevolent_Jester, mihai, Chrisz0rz... If I missed anyone let me know.

Here are the specs...
1. Theme: "Christmas"
2. Size: no less then 640x480
3. Photos: 1 Photo is allowed
4. Photoshop Only
5. Deadline = 3 Day or less

I didnt really know what you guys wanted for a timeframe or limitations on photos and stuff.. so if you guys have any objections the specs can be changed if everyone agrees.

Have fun and good luck
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Jan 2nd 2004#135708 Report
Member since: Sep 6th 2001
Posts: 3893
is anyone aware that i started this challenge? Hopefully someone has seen it :P
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