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lazyroll vs. the gecko vs. trhaynes vs. 02

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Oct 29th 2003#126918 Report
Member since: Apr 5th 2001
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you are allowed to import 3 photos.
size: 300 x 850 (yeah, a different size for once!)

A cold winter morning. With this I don't mean that I want to see a little house in the snow or something, just make something that expresses the feelings you get when thinking of winter, if you do well... people will get the same feeling and vote for you! hooray!

good luck!
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Oct 29th 2003#126939 Report
Member since: Jul 19th 2003
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my entry
hope this is ok

*edit* add a space after the url and press enter to make it work.
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Oct 31st 2003#127112 Report
Member since: Mar 29th 2003
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Oct 31st 2003#127140 Report
Member since: Jul 18th 2003
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Well, when I think of cold winter mornings, I think of a certain gray sorta day that posseses a sorta stillness and silence. No wind, sound muffled by the snow, all the trees emtpy. I like those sorta days, and I guess thats the sorta day I'm trying to get across in this picture.

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Oct 31st 2003#127200 Report
Member since: Apr 15th 2002
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Originally posted by *NL*
guys, don't chat in this thread... use the thread where you challenged the others for that. Thanks.

read lazyroll.. read ;)

*edited by *NL*

yeah, we are so strict with these threads, because we had trouble with keeping the threads clean before, with resulted in bad pixelwars. So please only post your image and votes in these threads. Thanks. And don't be smart and post a reply here, you can pm me if you don't agree.
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Nov 7th 2003#128001 Report
Member since: Jun 3rd 2003
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Cause that is an awesome manip
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Nov 7th 2003#128005 Report
Member since: May 27th 2002
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Nov 7th 2003#128006 Report
Member since: Jul 25th 2003
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Gecko, trhaynes don't look winter to me
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Nov 7th 2003#128008 Report
Member since: May 22nd 2003
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trhaynes, its how you FEEL at winter...
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Nov 7th 2003#128022 Report
Member since: Jul 10th 2002
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