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rodder vs pgang.. vs supah vs MBB

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Oct 13th 2003#124748 Report
Member since: May 1st 2002
Posts: 3034
Anyway, just to elaborate for the sake of being wordy, here goes:
Nearly everyone has had just about all they can take of all these Mac v. PC threads in the misc. section, and in order to help quell them, I've decided to challenge everyone to make up some kind of whoop ass case mods for their brand of choice, without using any existing pictures.

This is a chance to prove your skills, and promote/voice your opinion on which product you prefer.

I know that this may seem to be a relatively mundane, and somewhat unoriginal idea (it's done on forums everywhere) but this is the only way I can think to get people to actually do something to prove their apparent skill, due to whichever system they use (which seems to be an undertone here)

So, the entire casemod idea seemed to be the most broad and far reaching idea that I could think of.

So, unless anyone has any disagreements, here are the 'rules':
-Don't use any pre-existing photographs. Make the entire thing yourself.
-Make it look 'real', as in something that could feasibly exist in reality
-Don't post which 'side' your computer's supposed to represent, unless the logo's on it, whatever. (Try to refrain from the use of logos, unless it's a very definite design element)

And now for some other regulations:
-Be original, dammit. For you Mac people, make something that doesn't look like it's been inflated with a bike pump. PC people...Do whatever the hell you want. I mean, you've got a little more to work with, I think.
-This is open to anyone, so, serious posts only, please.
-Think unconventionally. Like, reeeally unconventionally.
-There's no time limit as such, for the time being, so start whenever, and finish whenever.

Maybe this whole thing won't even work, but aside from just deleting all those Mac v. PC threads, and banning the most vocal respondents, I don't see many other options.

Anyway, go, do something.

if I didn't add your name and you were inthis PM me, or if you I added your name and you wern't playing.. PM me enjoy the stupidity.
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Oct 15th 2003#124908 Report
Member since: Apr 25th 2003
Posts: 1977
Holy $%&*@!# !!! Im not doing that again lol. ~17 hours and 300+ layers it is. I didnt go the unconventional route though (sue me :-P)...but i tried to make it fairly cool while still focusing mostly on rendering!! Also about 90% of all the perspective is accurate (needed a 2000px canvas to pull this off..damn vanishing points) and forgive me for some of the antialiasing. Wrkn with doesnt really antialias like it should.

Anyway here it is : 1091x588 @ 310k (basically.....its big lol)

The all new chromed out Rod Box v1
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Nov 8th 2003#128130 Report
Member since: Aug 25th 2001
Posts: 1619
Since this seems pretty dead, I just want to slip in a joke...a bad one at that...

Can I touch your rod?
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