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Pixellation Effect

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Apr 12th 2004#147795 Report
Member since: Apr 12th 2004
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First, I'm sorry for my english program mistake. I'm Vietnamese, my english so bad.
I have a small picture, now I want to resize it bigger but the picture's so bad, it's broken and ugly.
Please help me how to rezise the picture bigger with good quality. thank you very much
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Apr 12th 2004#147847 Report
Member since: Mar 25th 2002
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Hi and welcome to the forum. There may be a few ways that we may be able to help you, but it is not likely. The polite way is normally to say "you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear" - meaning, in this context that you cannot create data out of nothing.

However, post what picture you are trying to optimise or whatever and I am sure that most here will have a stab at helping you.

Sorry for my English I am lazy and have been speaking it too long, so I hope you understand ;)
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Jul 20th 2004#156007 Report
Member since: Jul 20th 2004
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if this picture is VERY BAD in PIXEL-quality (e.g. 80x120 px ;) ), you got to use a software
(e.g. Spline :

Otherwise if its NOT SO BAD, you can use my tutorial here ;)

Follow the steps to enhance your pic/s my friend:

1. Open your [bad] picture
2. Dublicate it 2 times
3. Desaturate BOTH layers now created. [Strg] + [Shift] + [U]
-FIRST duplicated Layer: [Image] --> [Adjustment] --> [Levels] ---- [0-----0.32---255]
-SECOND duplica. Layer: [Image] --> [Adjustment] --> [Levels] ---- [0-----0.44---211]


-FIRST duplicated Layer: [Filter] ---> [Blur] --> [Gaussian Blur] ....... ( 1 - 3 Depending on your pic. )
-SECOND duplica. Layer: [Filter] ---> [Blur] --> [Gaussian Blur] ....... ( 1 - 3 Depending on your pic. )


-FIRST duplicated Layer: [Filter] --> [Sharpen] --> [Sharpen] ...(many times, depending on your pic)...i used 5 times
-SECOND duplica. Layer: [Filter] --> [Sharpen] --> [Sharpen] ...(many times, depending on your pic)...i used 5 times

-FIRST and SECOND duplicated Layer:

1.) Set Blending-Options to OVERLAY and Set Opacity to 50 % [Depending on your pic]

(note that the original pic must be bottom, bright duplicate top and dark dupl. in the midle in the Layer-Window]

hope i helped you ;)

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