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Photoshop vs. Illastator

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Feb 16th 2008#179171 Report
Member since: Feb 16th 2008
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I just got the adobe CS3 sweet and it is sweet! i have worked with photoshop before, i would like to know what the differences there are between Photoshop and illustrator at first glance the look really similar? Also what kind of projects would be better suited for illustrator?
thanks for you time on a n00b question.
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Feb 22nd 2008#179220 Report
Member since: Feb 22nd 2008
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Yeah, both programs are awesome!

I guess the way I basically look at it is that Ps is primarily bitmap-centered software and Il is primarily vectory-centered. This, of course, is oversimplifying things, but I'd say it's essentially true. If I want to work on bitmap images, I'll turn to Ps. For vector images I'll use Illustrator. I actually use the two together quite a lot.

The type of project I think Illustrator is BEST suited for would be logo design. Since you are working with vectors, you won't be constricted by size requirements - i.e. you can use the Il logo on a customer's business card, and then turn around and re-size it for a huge banner all without the distortion you'd see if you tried that with a bitmap file.
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