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Ps File problems....

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Aug 16th 2004#158625 Report
Member since: Jan 6th 2004
Posts: 250
Yo people i have this file and it says: Could not complete your request because an unexpected end-of-file was encountered
when i try to open it
Is there anything i can do to some how fix this file ? does anyone know ?
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Aug 17th 2004#158650 Report
Member since: Aug 27th 2002
Posts: 672
I got this error once on my older comp and I made a post about it here:

(I dont have the screenshot anymore uploaded, but it was the same error)

But I couldn't find a way to fix it and you might have lost this file forever... or maybe someone now knows more about it, but anyway, I hope for you it wasn't a too big file :/
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Aug 18th 2004#158758 Report
Member since: Jan 6th 2004
Posts: 250
Yah i think its was 5 hours of work...its ok ill just re do it and get paid again :( thanks for the reply
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