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Dreamwever help!

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Jun 26th 2004#154326 Report
Member since: Jun 26th 2004
Posts: 6
well i desgined by site in photoshop, sliced and all but when i put it into dreamweaver this happens

i have no knowlegde of html. it would be preffered if i send you the .psd file and see if i sliced it right or send you the html document but help!!!
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Jun 27th 2004#154343 Report
Member since: Mar 18th 2001
Posts: 1604
seriously, you need to learn some html you're trying to run before you can walk and its just not gonna work.

you can't lay text over a graphic unless its in a background. i'd suggest trying to get the hang of the basics first, check out this link:

get the hang of how things sort of work, then cmon back and ask some q's and we'd be happy to help...

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