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Adobe Camera Raw + Color Profiles Problem. Is this a normal behaviour?

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May 21st 2011#205387 Report
Member since: May 21st 2011
Posts: 2
Windows 7 Pro x64

Photoshop CS5 x64

Adobe Camera Raw 6.3

So I open a random image in ACR and then without making any changes whatsoever I click the Open Image button to load it into Photoshop.

The problem is there is a clearly distinguishable brightness/color difference between what I just saw in ACR and seconds later in Photoshop, which kind of defeats the purpose of manipulating the image in ACR as it won't look the same in Photoshop.

You will probably say I have problems with the 2 color profiles, but that is not the case:

PS Color Settings:

ACR Color Settings:

ACR image settings(grayed out only when I took the screenshot):

The differences between the picture in ACR and PS (the darker is from ACR)

I've spent 2 hours searching for information online but found no solution so far.

Please help, it's really annoying.
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May 22nd 2011#205447 Report
Member since: May 21st 2011
Posts: 2
I've solved the problem, so the least I can do is post the solution:

Under Control Panel/Color Management I didn't have a color profile set for my monitor:

This was empty before:
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