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How to make a person in a picture look slim???

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Jul 7th 2005#169147 Report
Member since: Jul 7th 2005
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Is that a way to "Loose some weight" in a photo? Is that a filter or a method that I can use to slim up my images??

Thank u
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Jul 7th 2005#169148 Report
Member since: Jan 17th 2005
Posts: 147
You can try using the Liquify filter to squeeze in the wider areas. Some strategic airbrushing and erasing too would help.
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Jul 7th 2005#169156 Report
Member since: Mar 18th 2001
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airbrushing and general painting is going to be your best bet without question.

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Jul 7th 2005#169157 Report
Member since: Apr 24th 2003
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Grab the lasso, and select about half of a wider area. Then just use the arrows to shift it over where you need.

You want to use the clone tool to retouch that area (you dont want any visible seams) and to replace the background where the original selection was made.

You may also want to use the clone tool to straighten out any edges, because pushing in part of a wide area will still leave you with somewhat curvy/uneven edges.
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Jul 11th 2005#169205 Report
Member since: Jun 13th 2005
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Jul 20th 2005#169325 Report
Member since: Jul 12th 2005
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that after pic makes his jawline a little pronounced i think. why dont you just resize the whole pic to get a whole body trim? if you want just a little thin-out, not like a PS liposuction, resize the width to about 98-96%. thats just enough to thin the person out witout making it look all distorted(if the backgrounds not too busy) . i hear 98% is the 'magic" resize amount alotta ppl use with models.
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