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Jul 31st 2001#11060 Report
Member since: Mar 16th 2001
Posts: 2421
First off thanks to you guys for helping out I really do appreciate it. This forum is private so only Mods, etc. can even see that this forum is here. To everyone else it will be invisible.

Ok, somebody brought up the fact that the forum is growing pretty quick and it might be easier on you guys if we split up the Moderating area's. You guys think it over and if you want to split it up let me know and that's what I'll do. Take the strain off a bit. Also throw in a few names to me that you may think might be a good canidate for another moderator or two. You guys will have first pick of which forums you want to moderate. Then if you want another Mod or two say the word and we'll give them the leftovers. Thanks...
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Jul 31st 2001#11111 Report
Member since: Mar 18th 2001
Posts: 6632
I don't really mind being responsible for everything, but it is getting *really* tiresome to read through that showroom forum. People post 2 or 3 images a day on there now. I guess I don't care what I get as, long as it isn't the showroom forum. Or the test and sigs forum.

as for candidates.....

snore has been wanting in for a long time. he's on a lot.

torn is on quite a bit. he has a hell of a lot of posts.

mattboy is on a lot, and posts a lot. but i don't know how good of a moderator he would be.

charm isn't on very much, but usually has very good advice. however i don't think he would make a good mod either.

so I guess my vote is snore and torn.

oh yeah, and oblivious too perhaps.
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Aug 2nd 2001#11279 Report
Member since: Mar 17th 2001
Posts: 1452

Finally get to sit down. Been moving for 11 hours, and still have more stuff to go get (sure not tonight though).

Anyway, I'm with deker. I really don't mind keeping an eye on the whole board. I kept things as straight as I could, and with deker added, it makes it easier on me, and we seem to keep it all together. I'm usually always around (except last night and today\night)....moving and stuff. Other than that, I'm always online.

If YOU think there should be another mod or two, then we'll pick one (or two).

I would agree with Snore or tornupinside.
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Aug 2nd 2001#11280 Report
Member since: Mar 17th 2001
Posts: 1452
After reading 0blivious' replies in Exsistence's post, he seems to have alot of respect for the board and the rules, so I would probably agree with him as a future mod as well.
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Aug 2nd 2001#11311 Report
Member since: Mar 16th 2001
Posts: 2421
OK, until I hear different from you guys I'll leave things as they are. But if you need help just say so and we'll get another mod or two. And I'm always poping in and out as well as Fig...
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