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hand drawn art!

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Jun 6th 2001#5291 Report
Member since: May 28th 2001
Posts: 365
Here is some pics I finally was able to scan and upload to homestead...some are hefty files. These pics by me are a little over 6 months...and I've improved alot since then. Hopefully I can get some really cool drawings of knights I did up here. So what do ya think? ( look a little better on paper than on a comp...)
Soldier w/ oversized Mp5:
Well there they are...and on a side note I just noticed that the handle on the dwarf's axe isnt straight...
WARNING: Pictures are big
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Jun 6th 2001#5297 Report
Member since: May 15th 2001
Posts: 28
It's just that I do not often see stuff that is not supposed to be serious ;).

Once I can draw that well, I'll be able to really say that to you . Anyway, I like them.
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Jun 6th 2001#5303 Report
Member since: Jun 1st 2001
Posts: 51
those are great anyways, i suck at drawing..thats what the computers are for ;)
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Jun 6th 2001#5305 Report
Member since: Apr 13th 2001
Posts: 956
Your barbarian looks like a cross between Axl of Guns 'N Roses and Jesus Christ. (Not the same guy.) I wish I could draw like that.
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Jun 6th 2001#5308 Report
Member since: May 28th 2001
Posts: 365
Hahahahaha. one of my friends said that too...thanks for the compliments!
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Jun 8th 2001#5432 Report
Member since: Jun 8th 2001
Posts: 2
Pretty good! One bit of advice, try switching the file format to .jpg - the files will be a lot smaller that way.

You have a good start there, and you should be very proud. Too many people don't want to do freehand drawing anymore, but I think it's a blast! I love to draw, so I'm happy to see others drawing too!

One thing that may help you - some good drawing books. I find that books are always great. Look on for anything by Burne Hogarth or George Bridgman. And I know there's a book called "Drawing comics the Marvel Way" (or something simular to that) that is really excellent. Either go to the library and look into these books, or just invest in them. You won't be sorry. Good art books will really help you improve your skills, and quickly too!

I might say that the proportions on at least the first drawing (I haven't downloaded the others yet) are a little off. It is very, VERY typical for young artists to make the head and torso larger (and longer) and the legs shorter, and this is what you have done. Don't feel bad, everyone does this! I don't know why - I remember doing it myself, and I sometimes have to fight doing it still! Look into getting your proportions more accurate. Also, look into learning how to draw faces. You have a good start, but even after you get the anatomy and proportions right on a person, if the face isn't "right" - people will always notice that!

Hope this helps - I think you are off to a great start, so keep up the good work, and keep drawing!
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Jun 8th 2001#5433 Report
Member since: May 24th 2001
Posts: 358
As an aside about the barbarian.....
Wearing chainmail around your crotch is a bad idea.. With out layers of padding and leather underneath the rings... The little rings catch at hair and skin whenever you move.. Bad mojo.

Also very chilly
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Jun 8th 2001#5458 Report
Member since: May 28th 2001
Posts: 365
HAhaha yes there is padding...see the cartoonish type animal skin? That's...supposed to be covering "him". lol
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