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Need some feed back on this one...

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May 4th 2001#2895 Report
Member since: May 2nd 2001
Posts: 20
Well... I created this for my submission to the PIXELhead Graphic contest... not the best graphic in the world but I like it..tell me what you think...

thx everyone

I an really begaining to dislike the code on this forum...none of my image link will work... oh well... just use the link below....
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May 4th 2001#2902 Report
Member since: Mar 28th 2001
Posts: 37
but. i think that parental advisory thing needs to go, it doesnt go with the graphic at all. it just looks like it was slapped on there and sent on its way hehe.. try takin it off and see what that looks like or replace it with a neat lookin leaf or somethin, that would go much better with the whole frog/tree thing.

that is the only thing i can critique for ya. other than that, keep up the good work.
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