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first attempt

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Apr 30th 2001#2568 Report
Member since: Apr 30th 2001
Posts: 1
my first attempt at some sort of interface de la unique

check it out

I apologize for those damn pop-ups
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Apr 30th 2001#2575 Report
Member since: Apr 8th 2001
Posts: 110
But I like the site. Neat colors and unique design. I can't really tell what the images in the upper left corner are supposed to be... perhaps you should make that more obvious. They must be something special if they are glowing...? lol Anyway, post again when you have some content. I am interested in seeing how this will function and look with text in it.
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Apr 30th 2001#2584 Report
Member since: Mar 28th 2001
Posts: 1109
i agree with pixie for the most part.
also, the font you've selected does not really 'go' with the style you are working in.
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May 1st 2001#2631 Report
Member since: Mar 27th 2001
Posts: 2237
Overall, I really like it. You've done a great job.

My gripes:
Like Charm said, The font is wrong. The Font is just too "tall", and i'd like to see the body of the interface a little clearer..
maybe brighten it up a touch?
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