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ACTUAL cool site

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Nov 18th 2010#200862 Report
Member since: Oct 31st 2010
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Try it, its a great experience!

(really use chrome, ff was a lagfest here)
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Dec 13th 2010#201114 Report
Member since: Dec 11th 2010
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Whether you're a new Grey's Anatomygrey's anatomy dvd convert, or was a fan from the beginning, the show is undoubtedly addictive fun, and very well written. If you smallville dvdare interested in seeing it from the beginning (for the first time or walt disney dvdagain) is really the way forward. I do not want to dwell on the tantalizing twists and quirks of character here. It's something that should take thehouse md dvd time to see for yourself, and do not want to spoil the viewing experience to anyone! I would say that the life and times of Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), Derek Shephard - also known as Dr. McDreamy 24 hours dvd(Patrick Dempsey), intern Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh), and many of them are funny, sometimes very exceptional and instructive. Give this first DVD a try, and I guarantee that this will leave you wanting more!
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