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what kind of text

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Apr 24th 2001#2238 Report
Member since: Apr 12th 2001
Posts: 245
... should i use on the first image at

i want to use something that wont look slapped on and i dont want to use normal text

advice please
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Apr 24th 2001#2247 Report
Member since: Mar 24th 2001
Posts: 3734
A few suggestions:


Brand New


Courier (Thicker..stroke w/ same color)


I went through about 250 fonts, and I actually put them on the picture to see what they would look like...spent about 15-20 minutes going through them all, and these 4 looked about the best.

I had a few more, but they didn't look as good, and I didn't want to put up so many suggestions.

Good luck.
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Apr 25th 2001#2264 Report
Member since: Mar 28th 2001
Posts: 1109
since you weren't thinking about type from the beginning, wouldn't you be 'slapping it on' no matter what font you choose?
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