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good or bad?

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Apr 22nd 2001#2109 Report
Member since: Apr 8th 2001
Posts: 43
ok, i was goofing around with photoshop and i ended up making a strange picture. i'm thinking about using the design for a web site or something. so ... is the picture good or bad? and do you think it would work well with a web site?

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Apr 22nd 2001#2113 Report
Member since: Mar 25th 2001
Posts: 83
I like it I just try it out with out the tiles...but It looks good anyway
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Apr 22nd 2001#2137 Report
Member since: Apr 22nd 2001
Posts: 6
It's great, I like it a lot!
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Apr 22nd 2001#2153 Report
Member since: Apr 7th 2001
Posts: 366
The only suggestion that i have is to make the scaley background a little lighter. i like the look of it I just hink it stands out a bit too much.
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