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Could use some suggestions.

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Apr 20th 2001#2052 Report
Member since: Apr 20th 2001
Posts: 13

I'm creating a new interface for my friends' distro, and so figured I'd get some more ideas from you guys/gals. It's one of my first 'graphical' layouts, and my first attempt at DreamWeaver (so far, it's been great). Just excuse the uncentered interface... I'm working on that.

I want to place text in that space between James Hart the rockstar, and the 3 buttons to the right... Maybe a column of text explaining any new shipments they get in (a weekly update thing)? I notice a common style in webdesign is a table column with a different background color, date, and body text. Although, I'm looking for something a bit more fancy than a column of text. I can't really think of any examples.. so that's why I came to you. So if you know how to manipulate text.. let me know! Or some pages with examples.

Although there isn't much to judge, what do you think so far? I tried to keep it simple.. for updating purposes.

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Apr 21st 2001#2056 Report
Member since: Apr 7th 2001
Posts: 366
I like the design very much the only suggestion that I have is that you change the color of the scroll bar. The default grey is very distracting perhaps make it black with grey outline or something like that.

If the scroll bar was on the far side it would probably be less distracting but since it is pretty much in the middle the grey pulls the eye there instead of to all the hard work you did.

It's not that difficult to do just a little CSS.

But hey that's just my suggestion.
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Apr 21st 2001#2061 Report
Member since: Mar 24th 2001
Posts: 3734
I woulD actually get rid of the scrollbar period.

if you would shrink the size of the guy so that wouldn"t be needed.
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Apr 21st 2001#2076 Report
Member since: Apr 7th 2001
Posts: 366
Umm I would put a "scrolling=no" tag in for the top frame so that it won't show a scroll bar if the window is resized. Same goes for the others that are used only for alignment purposes.
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Apr 22nd 2001#2111 Report
Member since: Mar 18th 2001
Posts: 6632
I would get rid of the top and bottom frames altogether unless you are going to put something in them. Also, your viewers have no idea what those links on the right are going to go to. You need something to let people know where they are going. Either some text on those images, or at least some javascript that says where you are going in the status bar or alt-text on your images. I realize this is your first site, so I'm just giving you some tips for the future. Good luck.
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