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Apr 16th 2001#1815 Report
Member since: Apr 16th 2001
Posts: 4
Hey everybody,

I would like to get some comments on the photoshop work that I have done for this web site. Namely the background images and Desktop downloads.

Let me know what you think!
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Apr 17th 2001#1847 Report
Member since: Mar 24th 2001
Posts: 3734
I couldn't get the Toybox to work.

Maybe an IE6.0 Beta bug, I'm not sure, but Flash has yet to be a problem beforehand.

Maybe just some code or something that IE6.0B didn't like....but I didn't get any errors?.........


I'll check it out on 5.0 and repost.
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Apr 18th 2001#1934 Report
Member since: Apr 16th 2001
Posts: 4
Come on guys...

1 that all i get.

I really need to hear your comments.

Please, please, please, comment.
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Apr 19th 2001#1953 Report
Member since: Mar 27th 2001
Posts: 2237
The graphic on the initial splash screen looks pretty bad...I would try to recreate it and throw the ratty scanned thing away.

Why pop to a new window?
Take the first splash into the other loading screen in the same window.
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Apr 19th 2001#1958 Report
Member since: Apr 14th 2001
Posts: 13
Overall, its a very, very nice site. But, since you asked for more replies, I'll give you what I think should be changed, added, taken out, etc.

DON'T, DON'T, DON'T pop-up a window when a user enters the site. Their first reaction will be to close it, and then they won't know what to do at your site. Give them a button to click to enter your site, and let them know it will open in a new window.

I'm not too fond of the background image in your flash file. Specifically, the bottom part looks like a photo enlarged 3000 times.

Get rid of those two moving diagonal lines at the bottom, or lower their opacity; they're a little annoying.

You need to refine your logo. The logo on your start page is really bad quality. You should also put your logo somewhere permanent in your flash file, maybe in the lower left?

On the bottom, where you've got "music," "our work links," etc. you need to let the user know that clicking the bar on the right of those 4 buttons will slide the panel in. None of the other panels on your site that look like this do that.

Let the user know which links will open in a new window, or, better yet, have all your links go to your flash file or a new window.

Make new buttons for your flash file mini-windows (company news, desktop images, etc.) The red and yellow gradient buttons don't look too good, IMO.

Get rid of the "Omnera" text on the right, or make it more than 1 pixel thick.

Make all of your scrollbars the same. Some are arrows, some are bars.

Anyways, thats all that I see right now. I didn't go through all your site, but if you want I can probably find some time in the next few days to go over every link.
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Apr 19th 2001#1967 Report
Member since: Apr 8th 2001
Posts: 110
I am now dubbing NL2 the official Team Photoshop Nitpicker. :D Carry on...

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Apr 19th 2001#1968 Report
Member since: Mar 26th 2001
Posts: 73
besides what that guy said, the flash has some skill, i liek it. it can use a little touching up, but all in all the flash is extremely nice.
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Apr 19th 2001#1971 Report
Member since: Mar 24th 2001
Posts: 3734
That Flash Solitare does and doesn't like me.

I played it about 10 times and I think it's impossible to lose.

But, there seems to be a little bit of a problem with the card placement. I was able to put a red 3 on a black 9.


I forgot to get a screenshot of it, but I did get a screenshot of this:
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Apr 20th 2001#2031 Report
Member since: Mar 25th 2001
Posts: 83
Nice site....just fix up the little logo on the first page otherwise wow
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Apr 24th 2001#2229 Report
Member since: Apr 16th 2001
Posts: 4
Thanks everybody for your comments on the site and it's functionality. There are some really good points there.


If you actually read my post you would see that I was looking for comments on my Photoshop work that i did in the backgrounds and downloadable desktop images.

I would still love to hear what you think of that.

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