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May 11th 2006#172681 Report
Member since: Feb 7th 2002
Posts: 1564
Thoughts on this: ?

Nothing much photoshop'ish here really. Just a site regarding a small CMS and designs for it. A photosection. But it will be more photoshop images presented along the line, and I will port some good to know tutorials aswell.

I have a small issue with an UL tag that do not validate and the GB's not entirly validated either, other than that it's almost done.

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May 17th 2006#172811 Report
Member since: Jun 1st 2005
Posts: 436
OK, this is a CSS based site right? ... Best thing for me is that it loads really quick.

If I am being honest, the design could do with a bit more work... In particular the main header graphic as it is so large... The background to the header is OK, but I think the logo needs to be better... Maybe choose a different font... I don't really know what to suggest...

Maybe you could think about putting a light grey shade as a background to the main frame... Good, but a bit standard.

Will be good to get some good tutorials online there to show people how all this css stuff is done.
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May 17th 2006#172812 Report
Member since: Feb 7th 2002
Posts: 1564
Aaah, a respons, thanks Rich. Hehe, I know it's kind of blunt, ordinary and boring really. I was more interested in getting a re-design to an even more horrible site than actually put the time in to make it original and ME'ish.

This will be dealt with as I intend to re-make the site once and for all after some re-consideration and planning in order to make it more...personal and original. This is hard really as it is so many site's out there which look like the things that pop up in my head, and I do not want a "similar" site if I can help it...So I'll do my best next time.

As for the header, hehe...well, that's my first effort in PS in about two years, and with that in mind I'm quite happy, could have opinions as you do, and I can but agree with you. This will also be dealt with as I do it all over again.

And finally CSS tut's. Deke-man has posted a lot of CSS tutorials in the resource section, that is what I'm using along with my own links: (mind you, there migth be doubles if comparing my links with the one's posted on the forum).

And do not forget Stu Nicholls site, it's awsome:

Thanks for your replay, Rich.
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