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Honest Opinion ONLY!

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Jan 30th 2006#172060 Report
Member since: Jan 9th 2002
Posts: 28
This is a website that I've helped out with.
(It's a business site)

The guy who's in charge of it doesn't know
how to get the most from it. I wanted to
bring it here, because I trust your honest

I think the site design isn't too great or
welcoming for that matter, but I wasn't in control
of those decisions. How can they improve?

Again, please let me know what could
be done to improve the look. The goal
is to get it to bring in more customers.

thanks much.
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Jan 31st 2006#172067 Report
Member since: Sep 6th 2001
Posts: 3893
Well I have to agree with you, the design isn't amazing, nor very inviting. I would really recommend rethinking the format of the site and working on getting the content to flow better between columns.
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Jan 31st 2006#172068 Report
Member since: Jan 9th 2002
Posts: 28
Yeah, I completely agree.

Even the fonts used for the descriptions aren't
formatted properly. In some areas, it's 8 pt
and down the page it goes to 12 pt.

I also think the color scheme is horrid
and makes no sense whatsoever, which
it return - makes the site uninviting.

Keep the comments coming please,
it will only help me in my quest to
win over my boss's wallet.

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