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Customer's Site Beta

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Dec 12th 2005#171799 Report
Member since: Jan 16th 2003
Posts: 236
Hey all

I've just finished a customer's website's layout.. well .. beta version hehe. I need a critic on it. I based the theme of the layout on the new Ravnica Card Set that was just released, as to remake the site and keep it up to date each time a new set comes out, to stay current n all.

As for the body and the header thats all sample data... not final theme at all.

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Dec 21st 2005#171879 Report
Member since: Jan 16th 2003
Posts: 236
72 views and no replies :(
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Dec 21st 2005#171884 Report
Member since: Oct 8th 2005
Posts: 32
personally, i think it could use a little more depth; make the textures appear a bit more 3d.

the only thing grabbing my attention is that the site seems really bight, where the card (featured card) seems darker, and i'd imagine the rest would be slimilar. it has consistancy with the card design, but i think it's needs some more refinement in the details.
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