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Painting Website

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Nov 27th 2005#171570 Report
Member since: Nov 27th 2005
Posts: 6
This work is finished in Photoshop at least. I still have a bit of work getting it coded, and throwing images in the content area / gallery thumbnail area.

Each page will have a unique color:
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Nov 27th 2005#171572 Report
Member since: Sep 6th 2001
Posts: 3893
Hey if ya could... next if the images is pretty big post a link instead of the image - that way the forums dont get stretched out.

As for the design:
I really like it.. the navigation seem a little hard to read at times, but none the less very well rounded. I think it will look better once you get some content in there too

Nice work and welcome to the forums :D
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Nov 27th 2005#171574 Report
Member since: Nov 27th 2005
Posts: 6
Alright, sorry about that. Thanks for the critique and the welcome.
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Nov 27th 2005#171576 Report
Member since: Feb 17th 2003
Posts: 2450
Welcome the TPS dude
I like your colorful style. It's funy. Not haha funny - but good funny. About the layout itself - there's some things:
the brush on the right. the "stroke" it leaves behind is too regular.
the home/contact box is lonely out there.. too isolated
why have a brush and a roller on the same place? I mean I know you're boud to use both in real life but... yeah... maybe I'm being too picky

another thing is the logo. The "P" and "C" are not centered on the boxes. It may have been what you wanted but it looks like you missed it

nice nevertheless
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