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Site Check | The Revolutionist

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Apr 6th 2005#167302 Report
Member since: Apr 6th 2005
Posts: 17
This site is for a local political/freedom organization in my area and they want ctitique feedback on the overall layout. Any pros and cons are accepted.

Cheers :D
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Apr 6th 2005#167304 Report
Member since: May 12th 2003
Posts: 1088
The navigation is offset.... im using Firefox, that may be why...

On the main page you also have 2 differnt fonts going, not exacly professional ;)
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Apr 7th 2005#167327 Report
Member since: Mar 24th 2005
Posts: 3
[QUOTE=mik3y]The navigation is offset.... im using Firefox, that may be why...

On the main page you also have 2 differnt fonts going, not exacly professional ;)[/QUOTE]

I am using Firefox as well and get an offset menu too, i suggest that you (Spinethetic) download Firefox and check it out for yourself as this is a browser that is quickly gaining in popularity.

About the font; I don't see it as unprofessional to use two different fonts on the same page.

I see you like the old MAC look as do i, i made this design for a Spanish company a while ago (this is the beta version) which is obviously inspired by the old OS.

My only "con" here is that you have chosen a design that has been done many times before, if you are going down that road, you might as well set up a nice CMS
(Content Management System) like e107, it is free and has tons of neat features, you can find my own homepage using this system here:

It might sound a bit harsh to suggest that you get a CMS system instead, but it will make your life easier as your site (i assume) is going to serve a general purpose and where functionality comes before anything else (i guess). So if you are not completely offended and find the CMS idea intriguing you are welcome to contact me if you need help setting it up.

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Apr 7th 2005#167329 Report
Member since: May 13th 2004
Posts: 49
^ Actually it looks like a CMS to me too but the only difference is, this one was done HTML with each page separately. The advice of getting a CMS is a great idea and the only thing that you need to edit is the header and template if you need to. That way, you can present your content and at the same time save you time--giving you more time to spend on designing rather than creating each news pages every time.

Going back to your site--first of all, I think your choice of font on header could be improved to something 'non-fancier'. The font effects also makes it look unprofessional--(I'm not saying its a bad thing) but it could be improved. The right menus are fine but the darkened font effect (bevel plus shadow) is not working for the header texts.

Hope that helps. =)
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Apr 8th 2005#167360 Report
Member since: Apr 6th 2005
Posts: 17
Thank you so much. I would have to agree with the whole font issue there. I should make the font for the whole text the same as the buttons, maybe minus the bold.

And yeah Ive thought about CMS systeming to ease my problems because its extremely time consuming to format each and every article by HTML+JS+CSS, being able to use something similiar to how most mainstream newspaper sites have would be a much needed improvement.
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