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Mar 7th 2005#166458 Report
Member since: Mar 7th 2005
Posts: 3
Hey guys, my first post - but this is a cool looking forum and I hope to be around for a while. Thought you would like this...

Latest AutoChop site, I'm a moderator at (gearyDesign).

PhotoShopedUp Site + Forums

We just completed and update of the main site - tell us wwhat you think. We have tutorials, contests, battles and an ever growing member list - so if any of you want to give it a shot - join up or PM me. Thanks for your time.

BTW - some samples

:D :D

Celica by Glacius

Lancer by Glacius

Nissan 400ZX by gearyDesign (me!)

Civic by CPWerks

Eclipse by Tony Riley
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Mar 8th 2005#166480 Report
Member since: Mar 16th 2001
Posts: 2421
Nice pics
Please read the FAQ if you would and use links instead of posting pictures though.
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Mar 8th 2005#166482 Report
Member since: Mar 7th 2005
Posts: 3
Sorry mate. I won't again,
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Mar 8th 2005#166493 Report
Member since: Aug 27th 2002
Posts: 672
Nice chopping, some of them have great reflexions, but I'd defenitely like to see the original version of each one of them... that's the only way to really appreciate the work of a photomanipulation

The website is looking good as well. Maybe you should work a little bit more on the navbar... It looks kind of flat... Change the font or customize it a bit
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Mar 9th 2005#166553 Report
Member since: Mar 9th 2005
Posts: 2
Nice site..

I used to do a little bit of the "Photochoping"..some great work there..

I have registered to your site, and hope to post some of my lame word soon..
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Mar 10th 2005#166565 Report
Member since: Mar 16th 2001
Posts: 2421
[QUOTE=psu]Sorry mate. I won't again,[/QUOTE]

No sweat
And welcome aboard...
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Mar 11th 2005#166611 Report
Member since: Dec 13th 2002
Posts: 904
Nice work. I could definatly see room for improvement though. The site layout is good enough, and the content seems to flow decently. One of the problems I see with this layout are the web graphics. They seem a little bland and don't really tend to be noticeable.

In some of the content areas on the main page, the type is either all centered or aligned to the left. It looks as if you either forgot to add some coding or you just didn't care to look over the final product and fix any noticable flaws.

On the "COTMs" page there are some things I could see worked on. Some of your table cells next to images are either far apart from each other or smashed up against each other. Doesn't flow too well.

There are other flaws as well, but I'll let you find them. Most of them are fairly obvious if you look close and are really easy to fix and improve on. Nothing major ... just a few touch ups would do the site some well deserved justice.

Just my .02 ... hope it helps. ;)
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