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So we have to make a portfolio...

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Feb 7th 2005#165484 Report
Member since: Aug 12th 2002
Posts: 1693
We have to make a portfolio at hyper and I don't want to use the same one that I have been having for AGES... so here is what I've come up with in the last 3 or 4 days...
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Feb 7th 2005#165488 Report
Member since: Jan 10th 2005
Posts: 55
its really simple i like how the site open but the only thing i had to resize my window to view the menu at first i was searching for the menu and realize after were it was but that in safari so dont know in other browser so as a temporary portfolio its not that bad its a really simple design but hey its work ! oh when you check work i like the litle thumbpics floating aroud . am typing to much am to tired ill sleep a bit bye !
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Feb 7th 2005#165491 Report
Member since: Mar 18th 2001
Posts: 1604
i had to resize as well, going full 1024x768 might be a bit big. i like the overall feel tho, nice and clean and pretty snappy. not sure i'm big on the floaty buttons/images in the portfolio, it gets old after a click or two and i'd rather just see the images load.

good job for a quick project tho, nice stuff.

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Feb 7th 2005#165492 Report
Member since: Jun 20th 2003
Posts: 1203
I like the feel (it reminds me of but some of the elements don't really seem to fit. The menu works nicely until you go to the portfolio and the style/animations aren't consistent with the rest of the site. Also your tagline at the top asking for an internship makes you sound like a young intern/prostitute chick. But that's just me.

And stick with blue/white colored backgrounds.
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Feb 7th 2005#165493 Report
Member since: Aug 12th 2002
Posts: 1693
Thanks for your comments.
I'm going to keep it as 1024*768 because this site isn't really for "normal" people.. it's for design companies around the world, now that we seek internships.
So it's not point having it as 800*600.
There is a bigger chance of people having 1600*1200 than 800*600 so I have to make it big for these people.

And yeah the title is a bit right on, but the the whole site is for the internship...
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Feb 7th 2005#165494 Report
Member since: Mar 18th 2001
Posts: 6632
If you're going to use plain ol' Verdana like that, why use Flash? Is that a requirement from your instructors?

I think the site is really plain, not so much clean or simple, as just plain ol' plain.

The content is pretty much the last focal point of the site. The background takes all the focus, and the actual content and information seems like an afterthought.

I really hate it when navigation buttons jump all over the damn place, and all of yours move around every time you click on them. The main category links on the left are bad enough, but the buttons in the work section are just irritating. I'm much more likely to look at all of someone's work if I can just leave my mouse in one spot and click "next" over and over. I hate having to move my mouse all over the screen to find the next link. If I can leave my mouse in one spot and click next, I can focus on your work. If you are making me hunt for the next link, I'm focusing on how annoying it is to navigate your portfolio, rather than focusing on your work.

Also the transitions are painfully slow. Speed them up about 5 times faster and it would be much more bearable.

The backgrounds make it really difficult to read the small amount of text on the site, especially the second one with the birds.

You have great work, but I hate to see it overshadowed by an unusable site.
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Feb 8th 2005#165498 Report
Member since: May 1st 2002
Posts: 3034
looks pretty nice I agree with derek about the font... and everything else really. maybe upsize the font a bit.
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Feb 8th 2005#165503 Report
Member since: Aug 12th 2002
Posts: 1693
Thanks Deker.
Yeah it kind of have to be flash, because flash is the future and we have to show that we can do it.
Yeah you might be right with having to search for the next button...
Might have to think about that.
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Feb 8th 2005#165504 Report
Member since: Mar 18th 2001
Posts: 6632
Haha, they've been saying Flash is the future since it came out years ago, and it still sucks in 99% of the sites it's used on. What are they teaching you up in that school anyway? ;)
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Feb 8th 2005#165505 Report
Member since: Aug 12th 2002
Posts: 1693
Well yeah, I had exactly that thought about flash before I started studying at hyper.
And I promised myself to use as little flash as possible.
But when you actually start checking all the things that is possible to do with flash, then I really like it.
I thought of flash as flash... nothing else.
Now we use flash with php and databases and whatever.
So you can do all the stuff you can just do with php, or anyother coding languages + all the functions flash has to offer.
I know most of the sites are done badly in flash, but you can actually do so much more if you actually think about the possibilities.
Well we do alot... :P
Most of the studying is about learning the work before the site.
The site and the graphics are about 10% of the work we do when we make sites and other work.
There is so much research about the brand and what will make the clients bigger and better and not just doing the coding and the graphics...
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