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Jan 31st 2005#165310 Report
Member since: Jan 17th 2005
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Edit: Nevermind
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Jan 31st 2005#165311 Report
Member since: Mar 25th 2002
Posts: 1143
My first and formemost comment is..... Teal? Eeekk!!!

The second is, the navigation should really be on the left or the top (sometimes both and sometimes also bottom) but rarely (read never) the right.

Font choice is a little surprising to say the least, a serif font (guessing TNR) is not the best choice for the web, it is a font designed for print, try a sans-serif font like Arial, Verdana or related. Fine maybe for the navigation but not for the body text.

The Image/header is way too large for the scheme that you have at the moment, reduce it by more than half, you don't need a banner (ahemm) "stylee" like so many template sites out there. I do also understand the limited number of layouts possible within a possible style.

The worst thing I could say about the layout is it is fairly uninspiring and of the last few years - certainly the color doesn't help.

No Alt tags on images and obviously not standards compliant, considering the obvious target audience is no good thing.

No links to foriegn language versions (although budget restraints may be the reason, even so crappy Google link might be better than nowt;)).

AS for the font thing..... there are too many fonts at the moment, I would normally say use two or three fonts, although I see that in this case you probably have only used three, therefore it might stand to reason that you are not using too many typefaces, rather too much type. Maybe breaking up the page into magazine coloumn widths and punctuating it with images would be more pleasing in the layout that you have. As I say I can't decide if you are using too many fonts or if it's just less than conventional page layout (maybe layout would cancel out the font 'effect').

I would say you need to 'pretty' up your site some. It is a little uninspiring at the moment and almost a homepage in style, the main image needs some pizazz, the main colour scheme some more relevant, modernistic colours.....

I could sugar coat it but that servers no-one, not to say that I am the gof of critique, I am sure many others will disagree. Please stop going for the over austere look and go for a more vibrant, hip and 'modern' layout.

Hope I didn't bore excessively!
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Jan 31st 2005#165312 Report
Member since: Aug 27th 2002
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Did you just make him remove his url? haha
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Jan 31st 2005#165314 Report
Member since: Jan 17th 2005
Posts: 147
No I removed it myself, I wasn't even close to done. By the way, that was just a screenshot all the seriff font was an image.
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