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Blood Dripped Tears Web/Portfolio

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Jan 29th 2005#165232 Report
Member since: Oct 11th 2004
Posts: 15
Hiya there ...

I've been wanting to create a site for myself for ages now .. and finally i've got time to do that ... please let me know what you think and what changes should be made ... or if that doesn't work as sometimes it doesnt heres the homepage link

The site is NOT finished and theres many many changes to be made ... as it needs a decent layout, decent link buttons and the poetry links are being re-edited as we talk so that they will each load into there own window (onclick) ... if you've got any suggestions on what kinda layout and that i could create .. or anything that needs changing .. ie the background/logo etc ... please comment :D

Also i wanted to know if theres a better sub domain that i could get as freewebs isn't that good and the file uploader is slow as i'm only on diall-up .. also it won't allow multiple uploads :mad: lol .... and i only need the sub domain for about 2 - 3 months untill i've got my site fully up and running then hopefully i'm going to buy my own site domain

Many thanks

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Jan 29th 2005#165236 Report
Member since: Dec 17th 2004
Posts: 43
the background is somewhat deceiving with all the text, kind of pulls the attention away from the main content of the page. i like your logo alot, i think you should build more off of that with those colors and such.
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Jan 30th 2005#165248 Report
Member since: Oct 11th 2004
Posts: 15
thanks for that ... i'm gunna probably darken out the background sum more so its hardley visible .. i'll try with the logo to give it more depth .. thanks for your comments ... any 1 else ;)
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Jan 30th 2005#165257 Report
Member since: May 12th 2003
Posts: 1088
there is no actualy thought put into this design. there is a patterned background, with a few images thrown together with Red text, and people sayign they want to kill themselves.

the logo needs a bit of work, and your alignment of pictures in general does.
i say get rid of that background alltogether, personally i cannot stand repeating backgrounds.
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Jan 30th 2005#165262 Report
Member since: Oct 11th 2004
Posts: 15
thanks for that ... i'm re-doing a totally new layout .. i wanted to do a flash layout but i dnt seem to know enough on how HTML + flash work together .. so i kinda gave up on the idea after having tried for about 6 hours lol :mad:
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