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Raindesign up again

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Jan 26th 2005#165142 Report
Member since: Mar 4th 2004
Posts: 20
i finally got my server on again and started my site up again its not finished but plz tell me what you think. :D
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Jan 26th 2005#165152 Report
Member since: Dec 17th 2004
Posts: 43
intriguing, looks good, except that background image is HUGE, definitely not 56K friendly. the text is also a little small on my 1280x1024 res. very visually appealing though
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Jan 27th 2005#165168 Report
Member since: Jul 12th 2004
Posts: 88
1. might just be my connection, but it took forever to load.
2. i'm using firefox at 1024x768 and there are lots of coding errors (i.e. outside page loads inside the tiny window as well, and there's some code junk at the top of each section).
3. is there a reason why you chose to put the visitor count at the top (or at all)? it's distracting where it is right now and i don't think it warrants that much importance/attention anyway
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Jan 27th 2005#165187 Report
Member since: May 12th 2003
Posts: 1088
is it ment to keep changing like that?
loaded in about 45 seconds on my 750k connection.

also id advise you to get rid of that MP3 section.

The design is not my tastes.
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Jan 28th 2005#165198 Report
Member since: Mar 4th 2004
Posts: 20
thanx for ya input, i'll try to lower the loading time down probably use lower spec jpegs. The text is small on my screen as i use a high res to but it looks ok on 1024X768. I may hide the hit counter cus it is kinda distracting.
Great of you guys to help me out thats why i put it on here to get tips incase anything needed changing, oh and the site in the iframe business those pages are dodgy i've been trying to fix it for awhile now i'll get it sorted soon.
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