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Am new ! heres my website.

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Jan 10th 2005#164604 Report
Member since: Jan 10th 2005
Posts: 55
hi am new here am from montreal (canada) i vbeen using photoshop for a while now
i would like to have some comment on the webpage and on the drawing,graphix and a big overall :P i know maibe am asking for alot oh and the "enter" page is just a preview of version 3 ;) heres the link SLIXART

hope to have some comment and thx Slix
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Jan 11th 2005#164615 Report
Member since: May 12th 2003
Posts: 1088
it all looks a bit blurry, or maybe thats just me??
the navigation isn't the best, not the nicest, simplicity is good.. why not try some?
the font for the navigation is just ugly.

but you have alot of nice work....
also, i know its rather ironic coming from me but, the standard of your work is good, therefore it be a wise idea for you to improve your grammar and spelling on the site.

I came across 3 or 4 spelling mistakes on 2 pages.
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Jan 11th 2005#164644 Report
Member since: Jan 10th 2005
Posts: 55
yea i know my version 3 is more "simple" and if you could tell some spelling error that would help thx

and thought i could have more comment :(
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Jan 11th 2005#164646 Report
Member since: Aug 27th 2002
Posts: 672

Your website looks good overall. I like your feature "work in progress". It makes people want to come back if they like what you do. I like also how it's built, you have an easy navigation and it's simple, but I have to agree, your font isn't the best. Also the comments explaining your work is very useful to understand what you wanted to do... not so many people do it unfortunately.

your artwork is very nice as well. I think the hell demon is pretty sweet and the wallpaper you made with it is pretty too. Overall you have a nice portfolio.

But yeah you make alot of mistakes. Actually they're rather typos, you may type too fast, hehe. For example, in your news you forgot some ponctuation, letters and spaces between words. I'm not the best in english, but you forgot a space between "pics" and "and", you forgot a i in "in" and busy is spelled with an s and other little typos like that
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Jan 11th 2005#164649 Report
Member since: Jan 10th 2005
Posts: 55
thx yea i know i type to fast and sometime i dont read back
and the typo now that i look at it yea i could of done something better !
thx ! oh i dont really see what is blurry???

plx more comment !
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Jan 11th 2005#164652 Report
Member since: Jan 1st 1970
This is a community, and welcome Slix. Be aware, as with any community; you get by giving. If you want critiques, do some enciteful critiques of other people's work. To view my opinion on what a good critique is read here >>>

Now about your site:

I like the basic layout of your site. I like the use of grey tones so that the design of the site doesn't detract from the content--your work.

The above comments about spelling, grammar, and punctuation at CRUCIAL. Listen to what they are saying--clients may never get far enough into your site to see your work; they may just leave because the typos seem unprofessional. **TIP** Before pasting content into the website, type it out in a word processor like Word. Run a full spell check and grammar check--then paste the content into your website. Use complete sentences and learn to be articulate. Just cause you're a talented artist doesn't mean you don't have to use good spelling and grammar.

If you are doing to post a big question, like, "Is this what you think it is?"--don't leave me hanging. Resolve the conflict for me. Tell me the answer--am I right or wrong? A hook is only a hook if it doesn't frustrate people.
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Jan 11th 2005#164654 Report
Member since: Jan 10th 2005
Posts: 55
yea i know i really have to check my spelling lol but hmm i have an apple computer and does apple work correct text? and yes lol i need to post the enswer but ...what do you think it is ?? lol just for fun ! and yes i understand about the comment thing thank you !!

still need more comment do !.
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