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How about my site

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Dec 28th 2004#164240 Report
Member since: Dec 26th 2004
Posts: 7
My site just launched last week:
It got a simple design, the content is updating. How do you think?
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Jan 3rd 2005#164416 Report
Member since: Jan 16th 2003
Posts: 236
hmm.. Looks nice... definatally works but its not really well balanced in my opinion..

You have a centered design, but alot of your tables and text are left justified... like your Menu under the logo could be centered, and same with the google search.

the Ads by gooogle really dont mix too well either.. Do you have to use the Vertical style?

And in your logo/banner at the top it uses alot of green, and your links are blue... maybe to balance out the page you could make your links the same green.
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