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New Forum and Skin Created!

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Nov 23rd 2004#163156 Report
Member since: Apr 15th 2002
Posts: 244

Check it out you guys. I think its gonna be a great place and Im gonna start posting there. If you would like to help out with this company that im affiliated with. Join up and check out the forum for more details!

But really what do you guys think of the forum skin and everything? Took me all damn day to make that skin. Really im not done yet cause I will change all the button images that are currently the same as my sites and always the emoticons too. Let me know!
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Nov 24th 2004#163167 Report
Member since: Nov 18th 2004
Posts: 17
I love it, nice overall feel to the site, but only one minor complaint that I can think of. It seems like you have too many fonts goin on on the top. Nothing you really have to change, but it couldnt hurt.
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Nov 24th 2004#163172 Report
Member since: Apr 15th 2002
Posts: 244
Yeah i see what you mean man!
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Nov 26th 2004#163232 Report
Member since: Nov 2nd 2004
Posts: 3
It's nice man.

Couple of things. I suggest making your table border something other than black, maybe a dark grey or something. And make your buttons transparent, it looks a bit weird with the white around it.

Keep up the good work.

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